45 Petra Avenue, Clarence

This call for expressions of interest was scheduled to close on 31 January 2020.  However, at the ordinary meeting of Council on Wednesday 29 January 2020, Council resolved to extend the expression of interest period until the end of February.  If you would like to express your interest, please make a submission by 4pm on Friday 28 February 2020.

Council has identified 45 Petra Avenue, Clarence as surplus property and is calling for expressions of interest to gauge the level and nature of interest in the Property.

Following the expression of interest period, Council will determine whether to:

  1. sell the Property; or
  2. offer a long term lease of the Property at a nominal rent for a suitable and viable purpose.

About the property

The Property is classified ‘operational’ and is 6,828m2 in size.  While it is zoned R5 Large Lot Residential under Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014, the minimum lot size for a dwelling house, dual occupancy or secondary dwelling on land in R5 zone is 2ha.  Therefore, the Property does not have a residential dwelling entitlement and its use is limited.

The Property comprises a dilapidated demountable building (which was recently destroyed in the bushfires and will be cleared by Council) and a concrete water tank and septic system.  It is not known whether the water tank and septic system are in working order.  Also, the land is heavily vegetated.

The Property is not presently in a safe and usable condition and would need to be put in a safe and usable condition before it can be utilised.

Due to pressing priorities and budget limitations, Council is not in a position to expend funds (or resources) on the Property.  Therefore, expressions of interest must be made on the basis that the interested party will bear the responsibility of doing all things necessary, at its cost, to put the Property in a safe and usable condition.

Submission of expression of interest

Please submit your expression of interest by 4pm Friday, 28 February 2020, by email, post or hand delivery to:

The General Manager
Lithgow City Council
180 Mort Street
Email:  council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

Please include answers to the following questions with your expression of interest:

  1. Would you prefer to buy or lease the Property from Council?
  2. What would you use the Property for – please be specific?
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