About Your Water Meter

Every (property) has its own water meter. The meter registers all water used at your property and is shown as water consumption on your account.

Your meter is usually located outside the front of your property, near the left or right boundary.

Water flows through the property service pipe (main to meter) into a measuring chamber inside your meter.

The type of meter you have and its appearance may vary between properties.

You as the property owner are responsible for looking after and preventing damage to your meter, and for providing easy access for our staff to the meter and connections to the water main.

Meter maintenance & accessibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that your meter (box) is accessible. The meter must be at ground level.

Please do not fill the area around the meter or cover it with garden beds, trees or shrubs or other matter.

Meter Access is Your Responsibility

Council requires a minimum clearance of 30cm around your meter, to make it accessible to our reader. You can help maintain access to your meter by;

  • Trimming long grass and pruning overgrown plants in the vicinity of your meter
  • Avoiding concreting around or building over the top of your meter
  • Ensuring that the meter remains at or above ground level
  • Displaying a caution sign if you have a dog and securing the dog from the meter area if possible.

If, for any reason we are not able to read your meter, we may leave a card behind for you to contact Council to arrange a time.

Now is a great time to check your meter to ensure it is clear and accessible.

Please exercise caution when removing water meter covers. They can be homes for spiders and snakes. Ensure your wear protective gloves.

Water Meter cover


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