Achieving a Balance in Heritage Conservation

The reuse and redevelopment of heritage buildings is an important element that often allows for their conservation.  Lithgow Council has established a Local Heritage Advisory Committee to advise on sensible controls that will allow for the redevelopment of heritage buildings without impacting on their significance.

Lithgow’s Local Environmental Plan contains 382 items of environmental heritage as well as 13 heritage conservation areas. One of key roles of Lithgow Council’s recently appointed Heritage Advisory Committee is to provide input into policies and plans that will give guidance to owners of heritage properties if they wish to carry out any work on their properties.

Lithgow Deputy Mayor Ray Thompson said today “Sometimes the mention of heritage creates a concern that a property cannot be further developed or no work can be carried out at all. This is not correct and is a misconception our Local Heritage Advisory Committee is determined to dispel.”

Council is preparing a new comprehensive Development Control Plan which will ensure a clear understanding of any necessary requirements whilst ensuring a smooth process for development.  The Heritage Advisory Committee is committed to ensuring that the re-development of a heritage property can occur in a process that is not onerous” added the Deputy Mayor.

Owners of heritage properties are encouraged to contact Council if they require any information or assistance in relation to improvements or re-development of their properties. A free heritage advisor service is provided where advice can be obtained from Council’s Heritage Advisor.  This advice can be particularly helpful if obtained early in the planning process.

“I am confident that by working together with owners of heritage properties that we can achieve a good balance between conserving our past without compromising on modern comforts and requirements” concluded Councillor Thompson.

To identify, preserve, improve and promote the Local Government Area’s indigenous and non-indigenous built and natural heritage is a key outcome of “developing our built environment” within the Lithgow Community Strategic Plan 2026

Mr Andrew Muir
Group Manager Environment & Development
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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