Biosecurity duty for urban dwellers

With the Biosecurity Act 2015 and associated Regulations coming into effect on 1 July 2017 also came new ways for minimising, preventing and eliminating biosecurity risks in NSW, including for residents of urban areas.

The Upper Macquarie County Council (UMCC) is the local control authority for weeds biosecurity threats (noxious weeds) in the Bathurst Regional Council, Blayney and Oberon Shire councils and the Lithgow City Council areas.

“With the new Biosecurity Act coming into effect ten former Acts have been wholly repealed and four partially repealed” said Upper Macquarie County Council Acting Chief Weeds Officer, Mr Chris Jackson. “One of the changes that comes with the new Act is the principle of shared responsibility with the vision.”

“The principle of shared responsibility involves Government, industry and the people of NSW working together to protect the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of animal and plant pests, diseases and weeds for the benefit of all” said Mr Jackson.

“Part of the shared responsibility principle is getting the message out that biosecurity applies to everyone, not just people in rural areas. The general biosecurity duty also applies to people living in urban areas who may not previously have considered how biosecurity relates to them.”

“One group targeted is recreational bushwalkers or campers, who can contribute to the spread of weeds if they don’t follow good biosecurity practices.”

“Weeds can be spread by the wind, birds and other animals BUT they can also be spread by bush walkers as they can become stuck in boots, clothing, backpacks, tents or other equipment.”

“The NSW Department of Primary Industries has advice for bushwalkers that includes advice on good practices such as cleaning boots and equipment before and after the trip, and reporting potential risks” concluded Mr Jackson.

More information on biosecurity weed threats and their control can be found on at or the NSW Department of Primary Industries

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Weeds Officer
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