Blue Green Algae Alert at Lake Wallace

Lake Wallace continues to experience blue green algae, and is on “amber alert” as notified by the NSW Office of Water.

Under the Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water, an Amber alert indicates that the water may have a green tinge and musty or organic taste and odour. Whilst there is no restriction on accessing the water, it may be unsuitable for stock watering. Recreational use and is at the users’ discretion.

With the presence of blue green algae in the water, Lake Wallace is at a level that is concerning, although access for recreational use is not impacted at this stage. Water sampling of the Lake is continuing and an updated alert status will be reported.

More information on algae alerts is available from the algal information line maintained by the NSW Office of Water, at 1800 999 457 or the NSW Office of Water web page at

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