Central NSW councils welcomes study on the future cargo demand

Transport for NSW will be undertaking a study into the future containerised cargo demand in Central NSW.

The study is to investigate demand for transporting containerised cargo for road and rail. The study is expected to define the cargo demand for both rail and road freight and the use of intermodal terminals, existing and potential. It also identify the effects of improved cargo transport and logistics reorganisation.

“Central NSW is responsible for a significant portion of Australia’s mining and agricultural production, and it is vital that these products have connection to freight transport networks for domestic and international markets,” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham.

In 2011 data obtained from the Bureau of Freight Statistics ‘Strategic Freight Model estimated that outbound freight volumes were more than 1.3 times the volume of inbound freight over the Study area.

“We are being asked for detailed advice on production in this region to support this study and will be steering the consultants in the direction of our larger producers,” said Mayor Statham.

“It is expected that the tonnage by Road and Rail in Central NSW will double in 2031 so this study is certainly necessary when you think of how busy our roads are already,” said Mayor Statham

“Hopefully this will lead over time to a greater use of rail where a significant cost to this region is that of transport,” concluded Mayor Statham.

The report is due to be finalised at the end of July.


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