Clarence Water Transfer Scheme Operational

Lithgow City Council and Centennial Coal’s Clarence Colliery are transferring water to supplement the Lithgow No. 2 Dam

The Clarence Water Transfer Scheme was commissioned to transfer water from the Clarence Colliery (Clarence) to the Lithgow No. 2 Dam to supplement the Lithgow water supply during dry periods.

This arrangement, between Clarence and Lithgow City Council, to supplement Lithgow’s water supply has been working for over two decades. The Clarence Water Transfer scheme has been upgraded since it was first installed and in that time Clarence has also carried out various upgrades to its water treatment plant continuously improving the quality of water.

The use of water from Clarence has been extensively investigated and has been approved for use with the Lithgow Water Supply. The water Clarence supplies to Lithgow is considered, ‘good quality drinking water’ in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). Water quality is regularly monitored at both Clarence and Lithgow’s Oakey Park Water Treatment Plant to ensure the water remains within the ADWG’s.

Additionally, all water from the Lithgow No. 2 Dam when delivered to Lithgow’s Oakey Park Water Treatment Plant is further treated. This is a routine procedure even though the water from both the Clarence Water Treatment Plant and Oakey Park Water Treatment Plant meets the ADWG’s.

The ongoing cooperation between Clarence and Lithgow City Council will continue to ensure there is a safe and secure source of water for the residents of the Lithgow Local Government area for the coming summer. This project requires ongoing collaboration and Council would like to thank Clarence for ensuring good quality water is available for the residents of Lithgow during extended dry periods.


Centennial Coal
Katie Brassil
Executive General Manager External Affairs
Tel: 0419 356 690

Lithgow City Council
Mr. R Brownlow
Water & Waste Water Manager
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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