Chambers & Committee Room

The Council Chambers and Committee rooms are available for use by community organisations, government departments, non-profit organisations, volunteer associations and service groups. Council facilities are NOT suitable for tribunals and similar court sessions or functions requiring breakout areas for workshopping.

Organisations associated with Council are able to use Council facilities free of charge.

Council does not provide secretarial services or stationary for meetings.

Organisations booking the rooms must make their own arrangements to set up the room. Requested items will be supplied however, will not be set up.

Rooms must be left as found when the meeting/function is finalised.

Council does not provide staff to set up catering requirements on weekends/after hours however crockery, café bar etc. will be set up prior to the meeting/function.

Kitchen facilities are available however beverages and foodstuffs other than those requested are not to be tampered with.

Suitable arrangements must be made with the General Managers Personal Assistant or Administration Assistant to pick up a key to the Council Administration Building. This key MUST be placed in the letterbox at the front doors when the building is secured after the meeting/function.

Use of the Mayors Office or any other office facilities is not included.

The General Manager reserves the right to refuse use of the room to any organisation or any person.

Upstairs Committee Room - $46.10/hr or$238/day (includes GST)

Situated on the first floor of Council's Administration Building. Will accommodate up to 12 people comfortably and is combined with the use of the kitchen, situated next door, which provides tea and coffee making facilities (on request). This room does not lend itself well to use of overhead or power point projectors

Council Chambers $80.20/hr or$460.60/day (includes GST)

Situated on the first floor of Council's Administration Building.Consists of raised platform seating approximately 6 to 8.Also circular style desk facing raised platform, seating approximately 16.Public gallery will seat approximately 40 to 50 people and is set out theatre style.Includes the use of kitchen, situated near Chambers which provides tea and coffee making facilities (on request).