Construction of Rail Overbridge, Wallerawang

The construction of the Wallerawang Rail Overbridge, crossing the Main West rail line, is scheduled to commence this week.

Mayor Maree Statham said “The existing Black Bridge at Wallerawang was constructed in the 1920s and as such, the width of the bridge, footpath and approaches do not comply with today’s safety standards. A considerable amount of the traffic using Black Bridge is heavy vehicles and articulated trucks which, in combination with narrow footways, approaches, and traffic lanes, put the safety of both drivers and pedestrians at risk.”

“The new bridge is to be a single span bridge with pre-stressed, precast concrete deck planks. The bridge will be designed with increased clearance to improve rail safety, as well as a wider traffic carriageway and a footpath either side. The road approaches will be designed in accordance with Australian Standards, in order to improve the safety of intersections on both the southern and northern approaches.”

The provision of safe, efficient and effective networks to transport people and goods within and through the Lithgow Local Government Area is a primary objective of Council’s Bridge Management Program in the 2012-2022 Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Iain Stewart
Group Manager Operations
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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