The burning of material on your property is regulated but in some cases, approval can be given. Lithgow Council has established guidelines for the safe burning on land with minimal health and environmental impact.   

To effectively manage Council’s obligation under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (Clean Air) Regulation 2010, Council will manage open burning through the Open Burning Policy to ensure protection of public health and the environment.

“The burning of rubbish and vegetation in urban areas can often result in complaints to Council due to adverse public health effects and air pollution.

Some of the material commonly burnt within urban areas such as paper and cardboard can be recycled. However, it is the burning of vegetation in or near urban areas that is of most concern,” said Lithgow Council Mayor, Ray Thompson.

In the urban area, it is prohibited to burn in the open within the approved open burning period (April-September), without approval from Council. Outside of this urban area, you may be able to seek approval for the burning of dry dead branches from vegetation grown on the same property. Outside of these times (October-March) is bush fire season and all burning requires approval from the Rural Fire Service.

“It’s important before lighting your fire that you have familiarised yourself with the expected weather conditions. Once your fire is alight be prepared and alert at all times and never leave a fire burning unattended.” said Lithgow Council Mayor, Ray Thompson.

There are some exceptions to the burning controls with further information available on Council’s website or by contacting Council’s Environment & Health Department directly on 6354 9999.