Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Response– Update for Lithgow Solid Waste Facility

Lithgow Council continues to monitor developments with respect to COVID-19 and wishes to provide an update on opening conditions for the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility.

Following the effectiveness of COVID-19 controls and easing of restrictions by the NSW Government in relation to outdoor public gatherings, Council will open Lithgow Solid Waste Facility to the public during all opening times from Monday 8 June 2020. General public access during the week will no longer require an appointment from this time.

Importantly, restrictions regarding social distancing on site will remain and these will continue to be updated in line with the NSW Government Public Health Order.

The continuing COVID-19 Risk Management protocols at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility are:

  • All persons unloading waste and the landfill are required to maintain 1.5 metre social distancing
  • No members of the public to visit the site if suffering flu like symptoms or under self-isolation restrictions.
  • Persons must follow landfill attendants instructions at all times.
  • 3 designated tipping areas open at light vehicle general waste tipping zone – drivers must wait until unloading area is clear to access tipping area and unload waste
  • Persons unloading green waste must maintain 5m separation between vehicles.
  • Only one vehicle in site recycling areas (metal, cardboard, E-waste) area at any time.
  • Only one vehicle unloading mattresses or tyres at any time.
  • No cash sales for mattresses/tyres.


Residents are reminded there may be delays during unloading and people are asked to be patient and remain courteous to landfill staff.

It is essential that residents continue to follow the protocols on site to protect landfill workers, other customers and themselves. The site will remain open subject to the these protocols being effective and any further developments from the NSW or Commonwealth governments in relation to COVID-19.

Council thanks residents for their patience during this time.


COVID-19 Response – Council’s commercial and retail tenants

Lithgow City Council can assist Council’s tenants who have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

If you wish to apply for rent relief please contact Council’s property officer by email at

Reopening of Recreational Facilities

Lithgow City Council wishes to advise residents of the reopening of many recreational facilities within the local LGA, in line with advice from the NSW Health.

From 15 May 2020, Public Health Order restrictions in NSW were eased for gatherings of people. From this date, the restrictions allow gatherings of up to 10 people. Additionally, outdoor equipment can now be used as long as appropriate caution is taken.

Lithgow City Council will be reopening those recreational and community assets where it can be reasonably expected that the public can easily comply with social distancing restrictions. Those restrictions still require that people keep a distance of 1.5 metres from others, and the maximum of one person per four-square metre rule can be followed.

Over the coming days, Lithgow City Council will reopen the following facilities for public use:

  • Campgrounds;
  • Parks;
  • Reserves;
  • Skate parks;
  • Public BBQs; and
  • Sports grounds.

Other assets that are currently open for use include:

  • Golf courses;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Fitness equipment; and
  • Dog parks.

The JM Robson Aquatic Centre and community halls remain closed to the general public at this time.

The health of the Lithgow community remains of utmost importance to Lithgow City Council. While a tighter regime of cleansing and sanitation has been implemented for those assets permitted to reopen, residents are advised that strict adherence to the requirements of the Public Health Order remains mandatory. Social distancing must be practiced during any use of these facilities.

Council takes advice on all public health matters from the State and Federal health departments and may need to update its response should the situation change.

If you need PPE products

Over 1700 businesses have responded to the Premier’s call to help supply medical equipment and hygiene products to essential services workers.

Suppliers have registered to provide a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) products, including hand sanitiser, handwash and soap, gloves, disinfectant, gowns, masks, eyewear and paper products.

Industry buyers such as industry associations, businesses, local governments, private healthcare providers and not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to use the PPE supplier list for industry to secure supplies needed for safe and robust operations in your local communities.

The list has over 200 suppliers who have indicated they can service personal protective equipment (PPE) needs through business-to-business transactions. You can search for suppliers by postcode or suppliers’ service areas.

The PPE supplier list can be accessed here -


Publically Owned Golf Courses and Tennis Courts may Re-Open

Advice has been received from the Office of Local Government that paves the way for the re-opening of Council owned Golf Courses and Tennis Courts. 

In response to clarification of the current Public Health Orders sought by Councils on the status of council operated and owned outdoor recreational facilities, including tennis courts and golf courses, the Office of Local Government issued advice on Tuesday evening that such facilities may be re-opened subject to social distancing rules.

While premises used for the purpose of indoor recreational facilities must close, outdoor recreational facilities, unless specifically prohibited within the Order, can remain open, provided persons using the facility adhere to the orders around social distancing and public gatherings.

Outdoor facilities that are still prohibited in the Public Health Order and must remain closed include public swimming pools, outdoor playground or gym equipment and skate parks.

COVID-19 – Lake Wallace Camping

Yesterday, the Prime Minister reinforced the message for everyone to stay at home for Easter to maintain the effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. Lake Wallace remains closed for camping although the Public Health Order has been updated.

Lake Wallace campground was closed for overnight camping effective from 26 March 2020. Overnight stays and camping at any other sites is also not permitted. There are very limited exceptions to the closure order.

Under the amendments to the Public Health Order, caravan parks and campgrounds are to be closed except to accommodate:

  • permanent residents of the caravan park or camping ground
  • overnight travellers
  • persons working in the local area
  • other persons who have no other place of permanent residence or whose primary place of residence is temporarily unavailable and,
  • visitors who are visiting those who meet the above criteria.

Council is closely monitoring campers staying overnight at Lake Wallace with daily inspections to ensure that there is compliance with the amended Public Health Order. Council is also working with police who are responsible for enforcing compliance with the Public Health Order.



Based on advice and instructions from the State and Federal government, Council will update its COVID-19 response should circumstances change.

Lithgow Mayor calls for continuing community support for Federal and State Governments during COVID -19 Emergency.

Lithgow Mayor Ray Thompson called on all communities in the Lithgow LGA to continue to support the very competent initiatives that the Federal and State Governments have put in place to protect us as they navigate the current COVID – 19 emergency.

“We need all politicians and community members to unite behind what is proving to be an extremely competent response to the difficulties faced by our current government, and to avoid divisive actions that may disrupt the strategies that are in place” said Mayor Thomson.

“The Governments strategies focusing on

  • protecting employees, the unemployed and most vulnerable in our community ,
  • Protecting our businesses,
  • social distancing,
  • arranging partnerships with private hospitals to access 34000 more hospital beds and more qualified nursing staff, and
  • Rental assistance to residential and commercial tenant

are the most targeted and welcomed strategies that I have witnessed in my political career, and deserve the support of all politicians and community members as this crisis unfolds” said the Mayor.

“For our part, we must support these strategies by staying at home where possible and maintaining the social distancing guidelines that have been mandated,” said the Mayor


COVID-19 Response – Playgrounds

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 29 March 2020 of strengthened public gathering rules and guidance, Council will be closing more facilities.

With immediate effect, Council’s public areas (Cook Street Plaza), all public playgrounds, outside gyms and all skateparks are now closed until further notice. This includes BBQs at public parks.

Police are responsible for enforcement of public health orders and members of the public should contact Crime Stoppers to report individuals they believe are in breach of a Public Health Order. Complaints can be reported online or by phone on 1800 333 000.

The latest guidance restricts gatherings to two people under new measures agreed to by the National Cabinet to slow the spread of coronavirus.

People aged 70 and over are urged to stay at home and self-isolate. People over 60 with a chronic illness and indigenous people over 50 are also urged to self-isolate.

Based on advice from the State and Federal governments, Council will update its COVID-19 response should the situation change.

COVID-19 Response – Assistance with Rates

Lithgow City Council can assist residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 situation with assistance to lessen the impacts of rates charges.

Council is legally required to levy rates (under the Local Government Act 1993) and cannot waive rates. We can offer ratepayers a range of assistance measures to lessen the impacts of rates charges at this extraordinary time.

To assist residents, Council will cease charging interest and defer any legal action relating to overdue rates & charges for a 6 month period. Council also encourages residents to set up arrangements to pay by direct debit via Council’s website. Centrepay is available for deductions from Centrelink payments.

Please contact the Revenue team on 6354-9999 or by email at if you have any enquiries.

Council takes advice on all public health matters from the State and Federal health departments and may need to update its response should the situation change.

Lithgow Animal Shelter will have limited public access from Monday 30th March 2020

Lithgow Animal Shelter will have limited public access from Monday 30th March due to COVID 19 restrictions

The outbreak of COVID 19 has placed State Government restrictions on social distancing during all public contact. Council has recently closed its Customer Service Centre to public contact. In keeping with these restrictions the Lithgow Animal Shelter will have limited public access from Monday March 30th.

Members of the public will only be able to attend the shelter between 3 & 4 pm weekdays by appointment with Councils Rangers. Appointments can be arranged for the collection of lost animals or the adoption of a new pet. During these exchanges person to person contact will be reduced through the use of the animal drop box.

As an interim arrangement during this period the animal drop boxes will be closed to the public after hours and on weekends. No voluntary surrenders of animals will be accepted during this period. Council appreciates your understanding during this time.

Facility Closures

View status of Council facilities

Fact Sheet from NSW Gov

Services available to seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

NSW Health have developed an extensive FAQ webpage for COVID-19

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions

Communities and Justice Corona information website

Communities and Justice  have launched a new DCJ COVID-19 (coronavirus) website with information about how they  are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing to serve the NSW community.

The website is a one-stop-shop for information for service providers, and the people we support in all our service systems, including:

  • social housing tenants and people experiencing homelessness 
  • families we are working with and children we are keeping safe
  • visitors to correctional facilities and detainees
  • jurors and parties to a court or tribunal matter
  • older people, people with disability and carers
  • people experiencing domestic and family violence.

Criteria for COVID-19 screening at Coronavirus Clinics

People attending hospital-based Coronavirus Clinics for testing, will only be tested if they have cold/flu-like symptoms AND have either:

  • Returned from overseas travel in the last 14 days; or
  • Had direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19; or
  • Are a healthcare staff member.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria you will not be tested for COVID-19 at this Clinic.

If you are feeling unwell and do not meet the above criteria, you are encouraged to follow up with your GP, as you usually would.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your assistance will help us manage our response to COVID-19.

Click here for more information