Council expresses disappointment at Dept. Premier and Cabinet stance on Wallerawang

Deputy Mayor Cr Wayne McAndrew expressed his extreme disappointment at the decision of the NSW DPC to wash its hands of providing any assistance in preventing demolition of relevant buildings on the Wallerawang site because “the final decision as to the future of the site is in Energy Australia’s hands”.

“The Lithgow Community had accepted verbal undertakings over a number of years that the remediation of the site would be undertaken in a context of accommodating tangible benefits for the Wallerawang and Lithgow communities with economic development particularly in mind,  and this has now not eventuated” said Cr McAndrew.

“It is my strong view, that just as the DPC has walked away from the communities of Wallerawang and Lithgow, those communities should now “wash their hands and walk away” from those that have made representations to us that the Wallerawang and Lithgow communities would be looked after when the time came for remediation” said the Deputy Mayor.

Cr Wayne McAndrew
Deputy Mayor
Tel: 0417 230 441

Cr Ray Thompson
Tel: 0436 191 447

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