Council Shows Support for Springvale Mine Extension

At a meeting yesterday with State Ministers support was expressed by representatives of the Lithgow City Council’s Mining Taskforce for the application by Centennial Coal for the extension of the Springvale Mine.

Three State Government Ministers attended a meeting at Council in relation to the importance of the Springvale Mine to the Lithgow Local Government Area as well as the general process of approval for mines such as Springvale. The Ministers visiting the area included the Minister for Planning, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Local Government.

“Currently the Government has before it a planning application from Centennial Coal for the extension of the mine life of the Springvale Mine” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham “As you may appreciate, this is a very important source of employment for many within the Lithgow Local Government Area.”
“With the recent decision by Centennial Coal to place Angus Place Colliery on care and maintenance, the importance of the Springvale Colliery now takes on added significance.  Springvale is now the only practical supplier of coal to the Mount Piper Power Station, another significant employer in the Lithgow LGA.”

“The current planning process is far too slow and Council certainly welcomes recent announcements to improve and speed up the planning system in NSW for state significant developments and especially those relating to mining” said Mayor Statham.

“The system as we have known it has not provided certainty to developers and we believe that there should be certainty for all when it comes to development.  Results of applications should be certain in allowing development to proceed when predetermined criteria is met.”

“Furthermore, there should be clear targets when it comes to timelines for processing applications and ensuring that government agencies also meet such timelines.”

“With other members of the Lithgow City Council Mining Taskforce, including Deputy Mayor Ray Thompson and Graeme Osborne of the United Mines Workers Union, we were urging the Government to ensure that the Springvale application is dealt with expediently and effectively.”


“It was a terrific opportunity to speak with the Ministers and I feel that they will leave the area with the knowledge that this is an important project for the area and that we have passionately put our case.”

“I would again urge local residents to show their support for the application by Centennial Coal for the Springvale Mine Project Extension application currently before the Planning Assessment Commission. A hearing of the PAC is scheduled for 27 May 2015 here in Lithgow” concluded Mayor Statham.

Supporting the long-term sustainability of infrastructure that supports growth and advocating for the retention of existing employment and skills base are two of Council’s key economic strategies in the Community Strategic Plan 2026.











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