Council supports PM’s stance on Liddell. But asks “What about Mt Piper?”

Lithgow Council’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor have come out in support of efforts regarding extending the life of the Liddell Power station in NSW and have called for discussions between both Federal and State governments with the owners of the Mt Piper power generation facility, Energy Australia.

“Mt Piper is the newest and most efficient coal fired power generation facility in NSW generating 15% of NSW daily power needs, and has the capacity to expand that to 30% with provision for two additional generators” said Deputy Mayor Wayne McAndrew.

“Mt Piper was always meant to be a four unit power station and was initially constructed that way and with that in mind Energy Australia is technically well placed to respond to government incentives to increase power generation in NSW, should that be in the company’s interest” said Deputy Mayor Wayne McAndrew.

“It is certainly in the interests of our Local Government Area which has experienced massive job losses with the closure of the Wallerawang Power Station and the Angus Place Colliery, a mine specifically constructed to supply coal to local power stations” he said.

“Both the Deputy Mayor and I call on State and Federal representatives for the Lithgow /Bathurst area, Paul Toole and Andrew Gee to provide strong public and political support for the Mt Piper capability, and to do so quickly before the forecast problems with power supply become a reality for NSW country and metropolitan residents in what has the potential to be a very difficult summer for us all.

It is important that we all support community and political initiatives in this vitally important matter.” said Mayor Lesslie.


Councillor Wayne McAndrew
Deputy Mayor
Tel: 0417 230 441

Councillor Stephen Lesslie
Tel: 0436 191 447


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