Council welcomes State support on 40KM per hour speed limits to protect emergency service personnel.

Lithgow Council today acknowledged the NSW State Governments’ support for emergency personnel through its introduction of a 12 month trial of 40Km per hour speed limit proximate to emergency incidents.

“Lithgow Council resolved on this issue in February this year and its supportive position acknowledged by our local member Paul Toole three weeks later. It is pleasing to see the matter of the safety of our emergency personnel receive such quick action all round and the NSW State Government is to be congratulated” said Lithgow Mayor Stephen Lesslie.

“The matter was raised with Lithgow Council by RFSA President Mr Ken Middleton who has been a strong advocate for safety conditions for emergency personnel and we have been extremely pleased to be of assistance in this matter” said Clr Lesslie.

“We look forward to working with the State Government on areas of mutual interest including coal fired power generation and employment generation in the  Lithgow LGA which has a deep industrial heritage focused on the development of Sydney and NSW and which included the genesis of food refrigeration and transport and Ironworks. Hopefully our future work with the State Government will bring about positive policy change in these areas as it has done with the improvement in safety for our emergency services personnel” said Clr Lesslie.

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