Council Works – Week ending 11 October 2019

“For the week ending 11 October, the following key works were completed by Council staff”, noted Council’s Mayor, Cr. Ray Thompson.

“Within the urban Lithgow area last week, Council staff have completed a number of concrete and asphalt improvement works while also mowing and maintaining many public grounds and assets,” said Mayor Thompson. “Concrete renewals have occurred at Evelyn Street in response to community requests,” said Mayor Thompson. “With this work completed, staff will be moving to complete further concrete footpath renewals at Rabaul Street and Bridge Street in the coming weeks. Next, asphalt road improvements have been conducted at Valley View Drive, Kermer Crescent and Petra Avenue, Clarence and the complete asphalt reseal of Enfield Avenue and John Street, Lithgow has been completed. Lastly, a great deal of work has been performed on the mowing and maintenance of Blast Furnace Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Eskbank House and Council’s Administration Building,” said Mayor Thompson.

“In the last week Council’s rural works staff have continued their focus on the completion of two major renewal projects,” noted Mayor Thompson. “Both Hazelgrove Road and Cuthill Road preparation works are completed. Additional to this work, preparation works are ongoing on Glen Davis Road, Magpie Hollow Road and Hughes Lane, Marrangaroo. Contracts have been awarded to seal these assets in the coming weeks. While works continue in these areas, I strongly urge residents to exhibit caution and adhere to signposted changes to traffic conditions.”

“Lastly, I’d like to warn our community to be on the lookout for snakes, with recent wet and warm weather bringing them our earlier than usual,” said Mayor Thompson. “As we go into spring, it’s the season to brush up on your snakebite first aid knowledge and ensure all Australians are doing what they can to coexist with snakes. About 3000 people are bitten by snakes every year, with about 300 of them receiving anti-venom and one or two bites, on average, proving fatal”, said Mayor Thompson. “I’d like to advise all residents to keep their backyard grass short, and avoiding piling up sticks and rubbish, especially items like tin sheets, which draw in heat. These areas provide a safe-house for snakes as they sit in stealth mode awaiting prey to feed, and if startled they will defend through biting. While Council does not have the expertise to assist with snake removal, there are local individuals with this skill that would welcome any requests for respectful snake removal.”

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