Council Works – Week ending 28 June 2019

“For the week ending 28 June, the following key works were completed by Council staff”, noted Council’s Mayor, Cr. Ray Thompson.

“Within the urban Lithgow area last week, Council staff continued working towards the completion of storm water infrastructure repairs at Knight Street, Lithgow,” said Mayor Thompson. “While some delays to required materials have caused the project to take longer than expected, works will be completed in the coming week. Additionally, Staff have undertaken asphalt patching throughout Lithgow, installed a new bus shelter on Sutcliffe Street and completed a number of concrete footpath repairs,” said Mayor Thompson.

“In the last week Council’s rural works staff have continued their focus on the maintenance of sealed and unsealed roads,” noted Mayor Thompson. “The maintenance grading of McManus Road, Portland and Palmers Oakey Road is ongoing while Shipley Road and Glen Chee Road is complete. Next on Council’s priority list for maintenance is Blackheath Creek Road and Mill Creek Road as well as Clarke Simpson Road. Alongside this maintenance, asphalt patching has occurred on Glen Alice Road and Glen Davis Road. Lastly, staff have also completed Council’s roadside slashing program and continues to work towards completing the urban street tree pruning program with works occurring on Stephenson, Coalbrook, Clarice, Davey, Hayley and Malvern Street, Lithgow.”

“I’d like to take this time to remind the community that there are many intricacies with regard to parking in restricted areas within NSW. While most restrictions seem very obvious, there are exemptions that are handy to know to get the most out of parking in congested areas, said Mayor Thompson.”

“In public car parks only, Mobility Parking Scheme permit holders can park in time limited parking areas for longer periods. For example, where there is a signposted time limit of more than 30 minutes, mobility permit holders may park for unlimited time. Additionally, where the signposted limit is 30 minutes, permit holders may park for up to 2 hours and where signs indicate less than 30 minutes, permit holders may park for up to 30 minutes,” said Mayor Thompson.

“Secondly, where areas a signposted as ‘No Parking’, a Mobility Scheme Permit holder may stop for up to 5 minutes and those without a permit may stop for up to 2 minutes. In both instances, the motorist must remain in or within 3 metres of the vehicle. The only exemption to ‘No Stopping’ is an emergency situation.”

“Lastly, while a ‘Loading Zone’ allows vehicles designed for carrying goods to park for up to 30 minutes only, a station wagon or three-wheeled vehicle may stop for up to 30 minutes if they are being loaded or unloaded. However, any other type of vehicle may also use a loading zone but only if they are stopping to set down or pick up passengers from the kerb,” said Mayor Thompson.

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