Development Proposal – DA294/18 Rehabilitation of the Bell Quarry

Lithgow City Council is in receipt of a Development Application for the rehabilitation of the Bell Quarry at Clarence.

DA No:                                      294/18

Land Description:                     Lot 23 DP 751631

Site Address:                            Off Sandham Road Newnes Junction NSW 2786

Applicant:                                 P Chalouhi on behalf of Bell Quarry Rehabilitation Project Pty Ltd

Consent Authority:                   Lithgow City Council and the Western Region Joint Regional Planning Panel has the function of determining the application


Description of Development:     Rehabilitation of the existing Bell Quarry pit with the final landform to be achieved via the importation of virgin excavated natural material (VENM), excavated natural material (ENM) and other clean fill material sourced from earthworks projects across Sydney and the local regional area. The rehabilitation process involves:

  • The importation of approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of VENM, ENM and other clean fill material (subject to specific resource recovery exemptions); is required to fill the site over a period of approximately 15 years;
  • Vehicle haulage for a rate of up to 140,000 tonnes per annum (tpa);
  • Emplacement and compaction of soil material within the existing quarry voids;
  • Shaping of fill to represent the pre-quarry landform and to allow surface water drainage across the final landform;
  • Development of a water management system to control surface water discharge throughout the rehabilitation program and from the final landform;
  • Revegetation of the site with locally endemic species to provide effective integration with the surrounding landscape.

The proposed development is Designated Development under Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000 as a Waste Management Facility.

 The development is Integrated Development under Division 4.8 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and that requires an activity approval under Section 91 of the Water Management Act 2000, from the Lands & Water Division; Natural Resources Access Regulator; Department of Industry.

The application and accompanying Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) are available for public inspection at Council’s Environment & Development Department, in the Council Administration Centre, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow, free of charge, during ordinary office hours, for 60 days, between 19 January and 20 March 2019.

The application and EIS will also be available for viewing on Council’s website at  and on the NSW Planning Panel’s website at

During this period any person may inspect the development application and EIS and make a written submission on the proposal quoting Council’s file reference, DA No. 294/18. 

If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission.

Any person who makes a submission by way of objection and who is dissatisfied with the determination to grant development consent may appeal to the Land and Environment Court.

If the Independent Planning Commission conducts a public hearing the Commission’s determination of the application is final and not subject to appeal.

Under the Environmental Planning Assessment Act, a person who makes a public submission to Council in relation to a development application is required to disclose the reportable political donations and/or gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission, or any associate of that person, within the period commencing 2 years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined.

By making a submission to this application you are advised that Council may make public the details of your submission, including your name and any other personal details you disclose within.  If you wish to maintain your privacy in this submission process you must:

  • request your name be withheld from the list of submitters 
  • not include any of your personal information in your submission or attachments.

Council will not publish offensive, threatening, defamatory or other inappropriate material.

Download documents for development proposal below:


EIS Volume 1

EIS Volume 2

EIS Volume 3


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