Drought Affected Farmers – Relief under Hardship Policy

Drought Affected Farmers – Relief under Hardship Policy

Council would like to ensure that drought affected farmers are aware that they can apply for rate relief under Council’s Hardship Policy.

Farmers affected by the continuing drought can apply for assistance available to ratepayers as set out in Council’s Hardship Policy. The Hardship Policy permits Council to enter into payment agreements with ratepayers who cannot meet their normal instalment payments.  Accrued interest on rates and charges may also be written off in cases of hardship.

Drought affected farmers may apply for hardship relief on Council’s Rates and Charges Hardship Application Form.

Council’s Hardship Policy (Policy 8.6) and the Hardship Application Form are available on Council’s website.

Upon application, drought affected farmers are also eligible for a 50% reduction on the Barton St, Lithgow metered standpipe water usage charges.

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