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Green Army

Lithgow Council are a project sponsor for the Green Army. A Commonwealth initiative that provides opportunities for 17-24 year olds to be involved in practical environmental action programs across Australia.

This will boost current environmental programs and support local employment for young people. This program provides young people with skills, training and experience to help them enter the workforce or improve their career opportunities.

The first project commenced in August 2015, and will provide habitat protection and restoration of riparian, wetland & swamp ecosystems. While the second project commencing early 2016, will focus on habitat protection of locally threatened species such as Purple Copper Butterfly habitat.

Planting in Vale of Clywdd

Planting in Vale of Clywdd

green armey

Bob Makinson from Royal Botanic Gardens explains the work being done to save the threatened Asterolasia buxifolia at a recent Threatened Species Day at Hyde Park Reserve

Purple Copperwing Butterfly Habitat

Purple Copperwing ButterflyLithgow City Council's Green Army are working to protect and improve the habitat of the Purple Copperwing Butterfly.

To read more about this project, download  Case Study - Green Army Purple Copperwing Butterfly project

Hassan’s Walls Environmental Works

Management of natural resources within Hassan’s Walls Reserve through the control of environmental and noxious weeds. This project has been achieved through successful grants from Public Reserve Management Fund Program. 

This project has enhanced biodiversity, reduced erosion, improved habitat value and controlled noxious weeds within the reserve. All of these works improve recreational opportunities, visual amenity of the area and increase public perception and awareness of the environmental asset. 

The project has treated a number of the high value areas within the reserve while also identifying other point source of weeds within the reserve, which requires additional works to contain and will be targeted in future works.  This project compliments and builds on previous works currently active within the reserve by increasing community participation for lasting environmental outcomes.


Hillcrest Reserve Environmental Works 

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity through consultation with the community and the development of partnerships with the Central Tablelands Local Land Service has achieved real environmental outcomes at Hillcrest reserve.

Hillcrest Reserve has potential to be a high quality bushland reserve although; weeds are currently threatening these natural values. The Reserve contains important remnant native vegetation consistent with the Lithgow Abercrombie Grassy Woodland presenting some unique challenges. Past land use has isolated the reserve from the boarder landscape, while future challenges include threats from environmental weeds and the impacts of urban development.

Council will continue to manage threats to the reserve through projects such as this, which has achieved significant reductions in noxious weeds such as Blackberry and Hawthorn as well as other environmental weeds. We also aim to undertake work to increase the linkages and condition of native vegetation within the reserve.

Protection and enhancement of biodiversity through weed control and supplementary planting will assist in enhancing biodiversity, reduce erosion and improve habitat value. It is hoped improved visual amenity of the area, together increasing public perception and awareness of this environmental asset will provide long-term environmental outcomes through community support and ownership.

Willow Removal Vale of Clwydd

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity through consultation with the community and the development of partnerships with the Central Tablelands Local Land Service (CTLLS) has achieved real environmental outcomes in the Vale of Clwydd.

This project will control woody weed infestations along at least 7Km of Vale of Clwydd Creek.  Vale of Clwydd Creek is a suburban creek running through the township of Vale of Clwydd, part of the urban area of Lithgow.  The creek flows into Lake Pillans Wetlands and into Farmers Creek.  Farmers Creek is a significant stream, running through the urban area of Lithgow, and into the Coxs River, which flows, into Lake Burragorang.

This project will help to prevent the spread of Willows, a Weed of National Significance (WONS), and other noxious weeds into the Surrounding Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and further into the catchment.  It will also help to combat the increased erosion and flow modification that can be associated with Willow encroachment along waterways.  Fallen Willow debris, and the dense mat of their roots can sometimes trap silt, build up the level of the stream bed and divert water flow into the banks, thereby increasing erosion.

Lithgow and Hartley Bushland Reserves Program

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity through consultation with the community and the development of partnerships with the Central Tablelands Local Land Service (CTLLS) and Lithgow Oberon Landcare Association (LOLA) has achieved real environmental outcomes in a range of Council reserves.

The project engaged bush regeneration professionals to target identified invasive woody and herbaceous weeds and undertake revegetation works in consultation with Lithgow Council. The project built capacity within the community to assist with delivery of bushland management priorities into the future. 

The project provided environmental benefits in a large number of reserves in the Local Government Area including;

  • Farmers Creek (Saywell and Montague St sections)
  • Hartley Reserve
  • Hassan’s Walls Reserve
  • Hyde Park Reserve
  • Lake Pillans Wetland Reserve
  • Londonderry Reserve

Overall, the projects has been a great success evidenced by community participation in a number of planting days in Council reserves to enhance riparian habitat with native species following the removal of weeds.



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