Financial Assistance for Works on Private Land – Vale of Clwydd

S356 (2) of the Local Government Act 1993 states:

a proposed recipient who acts for private gain is not ineligible to be granted financial assistance but must not receive any benefit under this section until at least 28 days’ public notice of the council’s proposal to pass the necessary resolution has been given.”

In accordance with a resolution of Council, it is proposed for Council to install a culvert which is required to secure the access of Woolnough Street, Vale of Clwydd. The culvert will be constructed within the bounds of the private right of carriageway in Woolnough Street. The culvert will assist to mitigate any future stormwater and flood events in the Woolnough Street area. The cost of the works is $43,560.

The community is invited to make written submissions on the Woolnough Street works proposals by 4pm Friday 17 April 2020.

Submissions should be addressed to: General Manager Lithgow City Council PO Box 19 Lithgow 2790 or

Following the exhibition period and the receipt of any public comments, the works proposal will be reported back to Council for approval as a variation to the 2019/20 Operational Plan.


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