Free Digital Online Course for Local Businesses

To assist the local economy through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond Lithgow City Council is offering all Lithgow businesses the opportunity to participate in the “BrandLocal” Digital Online Course.

This Online Course will be offered free and has been designed to give local businesses a plan to not only adapt and survive this crisis but to thrive. It covers strategy and technology that will assist with marketing and communications, marketing and sales elements that can be implemented quickly at little to no cost. The focus is on specific action plans that will provide the most effective outcomes for businesses in a rapidly deteriorating environment.

The Course is a modules online training program. Each module has a number of video lessons coupled with online live event training, with resources that local businesses can access to develop a comprehensive end-to-end plan to get results quickly.

Grant Hartley from BrandLocal will be teaching the course. Grant has been a speaker on stage with Google and is trusted by Google. He has a deep understanding across the full communication spectrum of digital and content strategy.

To access the Online Course, go to there is no initial password or security required, just visit the page, register and get started.

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