Garden spring cleanup reminder book now

The next green waste collection is scheduled for 12 October 2015 and residents are reminded to take advantage of the free service.

Lithgow Council provides a free green waste collection service four times a year with the next scheduled for 12 October 2015.

“All people have to do is register and then leave any green waste at the kerbside near where they would normally place their garbage bin.  The contractor will then collect green waste in the days following normal garbage collection.”

There are some rules to this free service and Council will pick up:

  • Garden pruning’s no longer than 2 metre’s and not thicker than 200mm, tied in bundles
  • Lawn clippings and leaves must be placed in a durable container, cardboard box or hessian/plastic bag
  • A weight limit of 16 kilograms for each bundle or box applies
  • Quantity of one cubic metre, which is equivalent to about 4 wheelie bins allowed per premises

Councillor Statham added “I urge residents to take advantage of this service which Council provides for the community. It’s the perfect time to get rid of those branches and prunings leftover from winter.”

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this service should, by midday on Friday the 9 October 2015, contact Council’s Customer Service Office on 6354 9999 or alternatively they may register on Council’s website. Then, on the night before Monday 12 October 2015, leave their green waste adjacent to where they would normally place their garbage bin for pickup.

To provide environmental leadership and ‘Enhancing our Natural Environment’ Strategies in the Community Strategic Plan 2026 by managing and providing green waste recycling within the Lithgow Local Government area.


Mr Andrew Muir
Group Manager Environment & Development
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259


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