Green waste collection

A Green Waste collection will be provided on 28th September 2020.

Residents are reminded that a SERVICE BY REQUEST will apply.

Residents can register via Council’s website or alternatively phone Council before 12.00pm FRIDAY 25th September 2020

Then on Sunday night of the collection week, please place your green waste at the kerbside where you normally leave your garbage bin.  Residents should ensure the following:

  • Garden Prunings – should be no longer than 2 metres, not thicker than 200mm and tied in bundles.
  • Lawn Clippings and leaves shall be placed in a durable container, cardboard box or hessian/plastic bag.
  • Each bundle or box shall be less than 16 kilograms in weight.
  • A maximum quantity of 1 cubic metre (about 4 wheelie bins) will apply.