Halloween Workshop set to help businesses maximise the benefits

Lithgow businesses are invited to a workshop on the 12th of August to assist maximise the possible benefits from Lithgow Halloween 15 event.

Now in its third year, Halloween has proven to be one of the most popular events in the region. Last year Halloween attracted an estimated 15,000 people into the Main Street of Lithgow and this year promises to be even bigger. If you are excited at that thought but would like a little extra help to maximise the potential for sales that influx of people promises to bring this workshop is for you.

A free workshop entitled “Maximising the business opportunities for Halloween” will be held on Wednesday 12 August at 6pm in the Lithgow City Council Chambers.

Council’s Tourism Manager, Kellie Barrow said “The Council has been overwhelmed by the support of the Lithgow Business Community towards Halloween. We would like to offer an opportunity for all businesses to help capitalize of the benefits events such as Halloween can offer”.

Kellie went on to say “the workshop will be facilitated by experts in their field on how to best take advantage of the opportunities on offer”.

“The workshop will be conducted by Tourism Business Solutions, an expert marketing consultant with many years of experience and industry knowledge”. Tourism Manager Kellie Barrow said “we are very privileged to have secured Tourism Business Solutions for this workshop in the lead up to Halloween.”

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the workshop please contact any of the friendly staff at Lithgow Visitor Information Centre on 1300 760 276 or tourism@lithgow.com

Creating a strong tourism industry that maximises benefits from visitors to the LGA is a part of Council’s strategy to Strengthen our Economy in the Community Strategic Plan 2026.


Kellie Barrow
Tourism Manager
Tel: 02 6350 3230
Fax: 02 6350 3239


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