Hassans Walls Reserve Plan of Management

Lithgow City Council has commenced preparation of a Plan of Management for the Hassans Walls Reserve.

The Hassans Walls Reserve Plan of Management will guide the use, management and development of Reserve into the future.    

Lithgow City Council is inviting users, the community and stakeholders to offer their views about the aspects they value at Hassans Walls Reserve, how they use the area, issues they feel need attention, and suggestions or ideas for future directions for this important area.

Hassans Walls Reserve

Hassans Walls Reserve (the Reserve), as covered in the Plan of Management, includes an area of just over 780 hectares.  The northern perimeter of the Reserve abuts Lithgow’s residential and industrial areas while the Reserve’s southern boundary adjoins the Great Western Highway.  Hassans Walls Road provides access to the Reserve from either Lithgow township or via Browns Gap Road. The extent of the Reserve is shown hatched orange in the plan at right.

The Reserve includes both “community land” (land a Council owns and manages on behalf of the community) and Crown Land managed by Lithgow City Council.  The Local Government Act 1993 requires that a plan of management is prepared for all areas of community land.  A plan of management can be thought of as a management “contract“ between Council (the land manager) and the community (the ultimate owners and users of the land) setting out how an area and its facilities will be used, improved, maintained and managed in the future (including any leases,  licences or special permits).

Community Input and Involvement

The process that Council will follow in preparing the Hassans Walls Reserve Plan of Management is outlined in the flowchart at right.  It includes opportunities for interested people and groups to be involved or contribute to the Plan’s preparation. 

Use, community and stakeholders input, involvement and review are central to the Plan’s preparation.  This is to ensure that the Plan, and ultimately the Reserve’s management, responds to community values, attitudes and desires for the area and its future management.

As an early stage in the new Plan’s preparation Council is inviting input from the Reserve’s users, neighbours, and wider community regarding their needs, expectations and opinions about the Reserve.  This input could cover things such as what people like about the area, what works well, issues to address, what could be changed or improved, and what people would like to see occur here in the future. 

Community input will inform preparation of an Issues and Discussion Paper and guide the creation of the new Plan of Management for the Reserve (see right).  Both the Issues and Discussion Paper and the Draft Plan of Management will be placed in public exhibition for further community review and feedback.


How to Get Involved

Council has engaged Gondwana Consulting to prepare the Plan of Management for Hassans Walls Reserve. 

For information about the Hassans Wall Reserve Plan of Management generally please contact:

  1.  Mr Andrew Ginns at Gondwana Consulting on 0418 408 647 or email admin@gondwanaconsulting.com.au OR
  2. Ms Karen Luka, Land Use and Property Officer at Lithgow City Council 6354 9920 or by e-mail at karen.luka@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

Hassans Walls Reserve Area Map

Hassans Walls Reserve

Draft Plan of Management

The preparation of the Plan of Management for the Hassans Walls Reserve in Lithgow is progressing with Council recommending the exhibition of the draft plan at its tri weekly meeting of the 27th Feb 2017.

The draft plan has been informed by two(2) rounds of community and key stakeholder consultation conducted in 2016, as well as review of historic data and background information held by Council and the community.  The draft plan presents the current values and management issues for the reserve, and recommends key management directions as well as listing more “routine” reserve management actions. 

Comment is now being sought from the community and key stakeholders on the management directions and actions proposed in the draft plan. Most importantly the draft plan exhibition provides an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the recommended future management directions.

The draft plan can be viewed at the following locations:

  • Council’s website 
  • Lithgow Library and Learning Centre 157 Main St Lithgow
  • Council Administration Building 180 Mort St Lithgow

from Monday 6th March until Friday 7th April 2017. 

Alternatively, you can complete the Feedback Form also located on Councils website and at the exhibition venues and return, by either of the following methods, by Friday 28th April 2017.

Complete the online form provided below or return the completed form to Council’s administration building, 180 Mort St Lithgow.

Submissions will be received on the draft plan up until 4:30pm Friday 28th April 2017.

Further, a public hearing into the categorisation of “community” land within the Hassans Walls Reserve and included in the draft plan is to be conducted in the Council Chambers, 180 Mort St Lithgow, on Tuesday 4th April from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.  Members of the public wishing to make a submission to the public hearing should register their interest prior to the commencement of the hearing by contacting Mrs Karen Luka on 63549999.



Feedback Form

DUE BY 4:30pm Friday, 28th April, 2017

You are invited to comment on the Hassans Walls Reserve Draft Plan of Management. 

Comments received will be used to inform the finalisation of the Hassans Walls Reserve Plan of Management prior to final adoption by Council.   

Please complete this Feedback Form and return, by either of the following methods, by 4:30pm Friday 28th April, 2017:

  • Complete the online form provided below OR
  • Print this form, complete and address as follows:
    Lithgow City Council
    180 Mort St
    Lithgow NSW 2790

If making comment on specific sections or recommendations in the Draft Plan please reference the section of the document /recommendation and include the page number to
ensure we can understand the context of your comment.


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