Have a GREEN Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of celebration however excessive consumption during this period results in higher levels of waste being created.

“This festive season let’s try reducing the amount of waste going into landfill.  If we all reduce our food waste its not only good for the environment, but saves you money” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham.

The following tips will help reduce the amount of organic waste you produce over the Christmas period:

  • Create a meal plan and shopping list and try to adhere to it;
  • Use the First In First Out rule (FIFO) to ensure you use older food first;
  • Have left over meal nights to help eat what you already have;
  • Use older looking vegetables or fruit in soups or smoothies; and
  • Take left overs to work”.


“Other ways to reduce waste at Christmas time include resisting the temptation to use throw away plates, forks and knives in favour of more traditional cutlery; recycling Christmas cards and wrapping paper” concluded Mayor Statham.

To provide environmental leadership and ‘Enhancing our Natural Environment’ Strategies in the Community Strategic Plan 2026 by managing and providing waste recycling within the Lithgow Local Government area.

Damon Cupitt
Team Leader Environment
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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