Have Your Say – Drought Communities Grant Funding Projects

Lithgow City Council has been advised that it is eligible for a further $1million under the Drought Communities Program and is seeking community input into suitable projects to be undertaken during 2020. 

According to Senator the Hon Bridget Mckenzie, Minister for Regional Services, Sport, Local Government and Decentralisation the projects to be undertaken should “provide immediate short-term support to communities facing hardship arising from drought. It will fund projects that provide local employment, keep money flowing through local shops and suppliers and support drought-relief”.

In accordance with the guidelines, Council is seeking input from the community to identify projects that:

  • provide work for people whose employment has been impacted by drought
  • stimulate local community spending
  • use local resources, businesses and suppliers
  • provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries they depend on.

Eligible activities must directly relate to the project and can include:

  • repairs, maintenance, upgrading or building new community facilities
  • repairs, maintenance, upgrades, construction and fit-out of community spaces
  • employing local contractors to undertake repairs and maintenance
  • holding events and
  • undertaking other drought relief activities (including water carting for human consumption).

Council has worked closely with community groups and organisations across the LGA to implement the 2019 round of the Drought Communities Program.  We are pleased to note that despite the short time-frame to complete, we have achieved a great deal and are on track to having completed the program by 20 December.  Information on the following projects being undertaken can be found at https://www.drought-communities.lithgow.com/

  • Community Hall upgrades – Lithgow Girl Guides Hall, Capertee Progress Hall and Wallerawang Netball Stadium.
  • Community Events – held in Capertee, Hartley, Hampton, Tarana and the Lithgow Blast Drought Communities Concert.
  • Regenerative Farming – Talks and workshops across the local government area.
  • Park upgrades – installation of new playground equipment at Marrangaroo Fields Playground and at the Wallerawang Skatepark. Renewal of garden beds at the Rotary Park in Portland.
  • Capertee Fire Shed – Improvements to existing standpipes and water storage tanks to enable access to fire-fighting water during emergencies and bushfire events.
  • Noxious Weed Management along Farmers Creek.
  • Footpath Construction – the replacement of the footpath that runs along Willewa St, Portland from the High St intersection to the level crossing near the railway station. 
  • Sporting Field Irrigation Systems installed at Tony Luchetti Sportsground, Kremer Park and Wallerawang Oval.
  • Design and manufacture tourism signage to key destinations in and around the LGA to promote local tourism and tourist attractions.
  • Installation of a stormwater storage and reticulation system for harvested water for use at the Portland Golf Club.

 Suggestions for projects to be implemented as part of the 2020 Drought Communities Program should be submitted in writing to Lithgow City Council, PO Box 19, Lithgow or email council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au by 24 December 2019 with Drought Communities Program in the subject line.  Council acknowledges that there is a limited amount of time for community input and that people are busy in the lead up to Christmas but, we are governed by the time constraints of the funding program and would appreciate your project ideas.


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