Investing in our future

Members of the community are being invited to participate in an important Asset Study which will help Council to understand how we should prioritise expenditure on our different asset types.

“We need a clear mandate for future spending, based on the community’s views on acceptable asset conditions. This is why Council wants your thoughts on its proposal to invest in the maintenance and renewal of our community assets and how this should be funded” said the Mayor, Councillor Lesslie.

In early July, representatives from Micromex Research will be randomly contacting members of the community from across the local government to ask if they would like to participate in a short telephone survey about Community Assets.  Following this, Council will send out an information brochure to participants to assist them to make informed decisions when they are re-contacted by Micromex Research to participate in the Asset Study Survey. 

Council provides a range of community assets including roads, bridges, parks, playgrounds and buildings. We want to understand your thoughts on how we should continue to look after these assets now and into the future. The researcher will ask a number of questions which will help us understand:

  • Whether you are happy with the current quality of these assets
  • What state you think these assets should be in
  • What you believe are the asset funding priorities for future.

Council will be applying to IPART for a Special Rate Variation (SRV) of 9% in 2019/20.  This will extend the current SRV of 4.77% (which ends in 2018/19) with an increase of 4.23%.   A new Special Rate Variation would improve Council’s financial sustainability, fund infrastructure renewals and fund asset maintenance.  The proposed SRV will enable Council to meet all of the Fit for the Future measures during the 10 year term of the Long Term Financial Plan.

The only alternative to an SRV is to make further cuts to services to deliver a balanced budget, consistent with fit for the future requirements.

“Your feedback will directly influence Council’s future decision making on how we spend money on community assets such as roads, bridges, parks, playgrounds and buildings” concluded the Mayor. 

In late July, following completion of the telephone survey, a copy of the Information Pack and Survey will be made available on Council’s website



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