Join the party at Lithgow Halloween ‘16

Locals and visitors to Lithgow Halloween `16 are encouraged to join the party rather than simply be voyeurs when the town hosts Australia’s largest Halloween celebration on October 29.

Organised and hosted by Lithgow City Council, with support from local sponsors including Lithgow McDonald’s, Centennial Coal, Energy Australia, Village Voice and Lithgow Workies, Lithgow Halloween `16 will again feature spectacular Vivid-style lighting displays and spooky decorations.

The main shopping area will be transformed into a fun-filled pedestrian zone with themed precincts, non-stop entertainment, Australia’s biggest Trick or Treat for children and a public Thriller dance-off.

The shocking shenanigans will kick off at 4pm, with entertainment tag-teaming between the Main Stage up near Bridge St and the Community Stage just past Sandford Ave, with monstrous madness in between.

Entertainment will kick off at 4pm and include local line-ups Side Car, La Belle School of Dance, Rhythm Stix, Smash 75, Coen Action, Street Chase, Phantoms Dream, Arachnid Invasion and Lithgow’s very own Frank N Furter show, Rocky Horror with Dave Webb.

There will also be rides for kids big and small, a fashion parade, dancing, market and food stalls, the ever popular skull auction in the library and, of course, Australia’s biggest Trick or Treat lolly grab at accredited Main St shops at 5pm.

The main shindig will be the national record attempt at the largest number of costumed people dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The dance-off will be led by internationally-recognised King of Pop impersonator Jason Jackson, who will dazzle the throngs with a performance and multiple costume changes later that evening.

Lithgow City Council Tourism Manager Kellie Barrow said while entertainment was provided for the crowds, everyone was encouraged to dress in costume, get into the spirit of the occasion and take part in activities such as the Thriller dance-off.

“In Lithgow, we don’t just watch the entertainment – we’re part of it, which is a reflection of how we live every day, forging our own path rather than allowing others to decide the future for us.’’

Lithgow Halloween `16 will include something for everyone, with a jam-packed evening of free community events in public spaces in Main St through to ticketed events at private venues.

Ms Barrow recommended visitors stay overnight in the area to fully explore the surprisingly diverse range of scenery, dining options and activities available in Lithgow and surrounds including the Back to Hartley event at Hartley Historic Site on the way to Sydney on Sunday, October 30.

Go to for more information and Jason Jackson’s Thriller tutorial video to practice the dance before the record-breaking event.


Kellie Barrow
Tourism Manager
Tel: 02 6350 3230
Fax: 02 63503239

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