Know Your Standard Drinks Week

Every year the Lithgow LibraryLearning Centre participates in the “Know your Standards” campaign, which aims to enlighten more people ofthe different legal standards of alcoholic beverages.

Do you know what a standard drink is?

Do you know how many standard drinks are in your favourite beverage?

Do you know how much wine or scotch is in the standard drink?

Lithgow Library has been provided with unique replica glasses (almost good enough to drink) which illustrate the volumes that constitute a standard drink for various drink types. You may be surprised at just how small some standard drinks are! The display will be held at the Lithgow Library Learning Centre, Main Street Lithgowfrom 1 to 6 June 2015. Why not come along test your knowledge and maybe save yourself from going over the limit?

“This is animportant information event that alerts Lithgow residents to the legal requirements relating to the consumption of alcohol,” saidLithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham.

Providing a range of quality exhibitions and community programs that offer educational and social opportunities for all members of the community is part of Council’s Caring for the Community Strategy in the Community Strategic Plan 2026.











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