Lake Wallace Tree Removal – April 2018

Later this month, Lithgow City Council will commence the process of removing selected Radiata Pine trees from Lake Wallace.

In late April 2018, Lithgow City Council will initiate the process of removing five Radiata Pine trees from Lake Wallace grounds, adjacent to the concrete footpath that runs parallel to Barton Avenue, Wallerawang.

Currently, the five trees identified are causing significant localised damage to the underlying footpaths resulting in safety concerns to the wider public. While Council officers have maintained this asset to the best of their ability in the past, the only suitable option for rectification of the current damage is replacement of the affected areas of footpath.

Should the trees remain, any footpath replacement will only be a short term solution. Over time, the roots will continue to cause irreparable damage to any new footpaths and result in continued significant maintenance expense and safety concerns.

As such, Council will be removing the trees in order to replace the underlying footpath with the view of ensuring the safety of the community and the provision of high-quality, long-lasting assets. Once the trees are removed, Council will arrange for their replacement with a less intrusive and more suitable alternative in order to retain the visual amenity expected by the local community.

Please note that during the removal process, public access will be restricted to ensure the safety of the community. Your patience and regard for any pedestrian management procedures within the Lake Wallace area would be greatly appreciated.

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding this proposal, please contact Council using the details below.

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