Lithgow Ability Awards

Mayor of Lithgow City Council, Clr Stephen Lesslie congratulated the ten individuals and organisations whose commitment to helping people with disability was honoured at the Lithgow Ability Awards, held at the Civic Ballroom on 30 November 2017.

 “The Lithgow Ability Awards highlight the contributions being made to our community that improve the lives of people with disability,” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Stephen Lesslie.

“The dedication of each winner and finalist to people with disability, whether it be through providing employment opportunities for people with disability, being a staunch advocate for disability rights or by working to make communities more accessible for people with disability, is worthy of this recognition,”

“I congratulate all the Lithgow Ability Awards winners and commend the work of people across the region to make Lithgow a more inclusive place for people with disabilities.”


Award Winners

Daniel Smith won the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Lithgow Ability Mastery Award.

The Young Community Spirit Award was won by Luci Crowe.

Jacinta Sargent was the winner of the Leadership Award.

Ebony Brown won the Writer Award.

Sue Murdoch was the recipient of the Community Leader Award.

Mitchell Northey won the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Employer of the Year was won by Three Tree Lodge,

Ability Links was successful in the Health and Wellbeing Award Category.

Tafe Western Lithgow College won the Accessibility Award.


“It was a great pleasure to be in the presence of so many committed people, drawn together by the sheer vision of a world that is more inclusive of people with disabilities. Their contribution will go a long way in ensuring our City provides equal opportunities for everyone and is a better place to live, work, study and play.” Concluded the Mayor.

Lithgow City Council is committed to enabling all people to participate in every part of community life. This commitment is outlined is great detail in Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which can be accessed via the Council website at

For further information about the Lithgow Ability Awards please contact Council’s Community Development Officers, Viktoria Gulabovski or Kristy Lenon on (02) 6354 9999.

Councillor Cassandra Coleman & Luci Crowe

The Young Community Spirit Award won by Luci Crowe




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