Lithgow Councillor appointed to ALGWA media committee

On Saturday 19th May Cr Cass Coleman attended her first Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) meeting hosted by the Liverpool City Council at its Council Chambers.

The President, Mayor of Shellharbour Maryanne Saliba opened the meeting and welcomed the new Executive which includes 6 new members recently elected.

“Cr Coleman is exceedingly well placed to further the message of Lithgow Council and its community, not only because of her committee membership, but through her election to the ALGWA Media/Publicity committee and her appointment as membership Officer” said Mayor Stephen Lesslie.

“I volunteered to be on the media/publicity subcommittee as I felt that it will assist me in my role as both a Lithgow City Councillor and an advocate for an increase in female participation and leadership in the ALGWA” said Cr Coleman.

“ALGWA comprises 16 councillors from diverse backgrounds across a wide range of Local Government areas and issues important to Lithgow such as employment generation, economic activity and mental health can be a common catalyst for action for all of us” said Cr Coleman

The next meeting will be held in July at Inverell.  

Shellharbour Mayor and ALGWA President Marianne Saliba, Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller, Lithgow Cr Cass Coleman

Stephen Lesslie
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Cr Cassandra Coleman
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