Lithgow Councillor hits the Springboard

Wendy Waller Mayor of Liverpool Cr Coleman and Cr McAndrew at the Local Government Conference in Albury_

Lithgow City Council is following the success of some Sydney-based councils and helping our female Councillors build strong strategic support networks with councils across NSW.

Councillor Cass Coleman participated in the award-winning Springboard program, in the hope of bringing back ways to improve the future of local women in the community.

“The female-focused program seeks to empower women to take small steps and actions to create a better future at work and in life for themselves,” said Councillor Coleman. “We heard from other influential women who have mastered the art of juggling work and family life.”

Liverpool City Council Mayor Wendy Waller mentored Councillor Coleman as part of the Sydney-based development program.

“Having a mentor with such great experience has been invaluable,” said Councillor Coleman. “I learned that we as women must look for opportunities to develop an effective support system around us and help grow and develop other females around us at the same time.”

Lithgow City Council Deputy Mayor Wayne McAndrew acknowledges the great opportunity for our Councillors to build strong community-focused networks. 

“We are seeing firsthand the great results of these programs and the information sharing with other Councils across NSW,” said Councillor Wayne McAndrew. “Building networks outside Lithgow bring great benefit to council, ensuring we deliver local services in the best way possible for the community.

Pictured: Wendy Waller-Mayor of Liverpool and Cr Coleman’s Springboard mentor, Cr Coleman and Cr McAndrew at the Local Government Conference in Albury. 

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