Lithgow Tourism Volunteer Working Parties meet deadlines and provide Reports to Council

Two Council Working Parties, comprising Lithgow community volunteers with professional background and expertise, presented their research findings on ‘Tourism Models’ and an ‘Annual Events Calendar’ to the Council’s Economic Development Committee on Tuesday night.

“The working parties complied with the very tight three month deadline imposed by the Economic Development Committee, and have produced reports of the highest standard, reflective of both the wide ranging research and innovative thought they have undertaken to present a way forward for tourism in our LGA” said Mayor Stephen Lesslie.

The recommendations made by the Working Parties cover Council’s future role in tourism, partnership opportunities with Industry Associations, Digital Marketing and Social Media reach and additions and extensions to Lithgow’s annual event calendar. The Lithgow Economic Development Committee will consider all recommendations at its next meeting after studying the reports in detail.

“Council has been absolutely impressed by the commitment, enthusiasm and standard of work undertaken by these community volunteers and extends its thanks to those members –

  • Mr Renzo Benedet
  • Mr Kerry Guerin
  • Mr Rob Swinton
  • Ms Donna White
  • Ms Rebecca Dalwitz
  • Ms Rachel Nicoll
  • Ms Kristie Kearney
  • Ms Johanna Koleda
  • Ms Renee Difranco
  • Mr Michael Wilson
  • Ms Nicole Berthon
  • Mr Jeremy Dawkins

who have given freely of their time and expertise for the benefit of our Lithgow Community” said Clr Lesslie.

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