Lithgow-Western Sydney Working Party Commences

Lithgow Council’s Transition Working Party comprising community volunteers convened for the first time on the 4th February 2020 with the objective of integrating Lithgow into all aspects of the growth in Western Sydney and the Aerotropolis.

“I must say we have one of the most capable working parties convened to assist the Lithgow Community and Council looks forward to their final report in June 2020 at the conclusion of their fixed term mandate” said Mayor Ray Thompson.
The volunteer working party comprises community members –
• Renzo Benedet (Chairman).
• Robert Swinton (Deputy Chairman)
• Glenda Anthes
• Rich Evans

and is supported administratively by
• Trinity Newton (Council)
• Graeme Faulkner (Council)
• Andrew Muir (Council).

“Increasing local business profitability, jobs, innovation, and new industry establishment in the Lithgow LGA are only a part of the suite of issues to be researched and reported to Council at the completion of the committees fixed term for deliberation, and will build on the work undertaken by previous working parties convened under the Council’s economic development committee” said Deputy Mayor Steve Ring.

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