Main Street paver restoration set to commence

Council notes the community’s concern over the state of the Main Street following the works undertaken by NBNCo.  We want to reassure everyone that restoration works to the pavers is scheduled to commence at the end of this month at the cost of NBNCo.

Council notes that the community is concerned over the work that has been undertaken by NBNCo. in the CBD and would like to clear up any misconceptions that people may have regarding this project.

Under the funding deed for Stage 1 of the CBD Revitalisation Project Council was subject to strict timelines.  Therefore, during the planning process for the revitalisation of Cook Street Plaza and the Eskbank Street Intersection, Council made contact with Telstra and NBNCo. regarding the impending construction and requested that the Lithgow NBN construction program be prioritised to coincide with Council’s works. Unfortunately, Telstra / NBN were not able to modify their construction program and Council was forced to commence works else funding for the project would have been placed at risk due to non-compliance with the funding agreement for the Revitalisation project.

While Council acknowledges the damage incurred to Council’s infrastructure as a result of the NBN construction, staff have been working closely with NBNCo. representatives and their contractors to facilitate replacement of the disturbed infrastructure. NBNCo.’s contractors have been provided with exact details regarding the concrete mix and they have agreed to Council’s request for the replacement of whole slabs rather than trenches only to ensure a proper and complete restoration of the footpath and road surface. This restoration is being completed entirely at the cost of NBNCo.

With regard to the pavers, Council has opted to manage the restoration of disturbed assets, entirely at the cost of NBNCo. This has allowed the appointment of a local contractor and allows greater control by Council of the quality of works completed. This work will commence the week of 27 May.

To date, the concrete restoration works undertaken by NBNCo. contractors is of high quality and with time, will match surrounding infrastructure and maintain the high quality of works completed to date.

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