Media Release
Lithgow City Council

23 March 2009

Our Place in Space – Under the Southern Cross

Lithgow City Council presents the National Trust Heritage Festival 2009. This is an opportunity to view the historical photographic collections & parish maps held by the Lithgow Library Learning Centre & a unique glimpse at a private collection of original & facsimile antique books. Library staff will also be available to assist you with accessing online resources such as Google Earth and Google Street in the Technology Centre.

“The National Trust established the Heritage Festival 29 years ago to remind people to care about their built, environmental and cultural heritage. These concerns remain as relevant today as they were then. The National Trust continues to advocate for the conservation of our cultural heritage and historic landscapes, and we continue to rely on your support to achieve these goals” (National Trust Website: accessed 21/3/09).

The Heritage Festival runs from 4-19 th April 2009, and the events planned at the Library are an Official Opening of the exhibition ‘Our Place in Space – Under the Southern Cross’ on 9 th April, 2009 at 4pm and a daily viewing of some original & facsimile antique books during the first week of the Festival, 6 th to 9 th of April, 2009. Due to the value of these books, viewing will only be allowed under close supervision so please contact the library to confirm the viewing timetable.

The books on display include the original books ‘Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales’ by John White Esq. Surgeon General to the Settlement published in 1789 and ‘The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay with an account of the Establishment of The Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island’ printed 1789; and the facsimiles’ ‘The Birds of Australia’ by John Gould, Fls. & C, originally published in 1837 & 1838; and ‘The Australian Flower Paintings of Ferdinand Bauer: Coloured drawings of Australian Plants made in 1801-05 by Bauer, Official Botanical Draughtsman on the Surveying Voyage of His Britannic Majesty’s Sloop “Investigator” Under the Command of Captain Matthew Flinders’ (facsimile printed 1976)

The Lithgow Library Learning Centre participates in this festival each year as a way of giving the people of Lithgow access to the materials held at the library. We also aim to provide community outreach and partnerships by collaborating with other local history groups & individuals within the community. For these reasons the Exhibition ‘Our Place in Space – Under the Southern Cross’ includes two separate sections, and will be on display until the end of April, 2009.

The first section is ‘Our Place in Space - From Parish Maps to Google Street’. While the main theme of the festival this year is Astronomy, the library has taken an inward looking, rather than outward looking approach. On display are Lithgow City Council’s large format aerial photographs from 1990 & some early parish maps. Assistance with access to online mapping & satellite resources is provided in the Technology Centre.

The second section is ‘Under the Southern Cross’ and highlights photographs of the local labour movements & May Day Marches. This theme has been chosen to compliment the Exhibition of ‘Union Banners, Posters & Memoribilia’ from the Trades Hall Collection at the City of Greater Lithgow Mining On display will be reproductions of six and eight hour movement parades and committees.



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