Media Release
Lithgow City Council

18 July 2009

Concerns Allayed for Water Supply

Concerns for the quality of water were allayed at a meeting held on Saturday morning between Lithgow City Council and the Chair of the Lithgow Medical Council.

A meeting was held over the weekend between Council representatives and local doctor and Chair of the Lithgow Medical Council, Dr Dearin, in relation to the Lithgow water supply. The meeting came at the request of Dr Dearin in response to issues being raised in the media.

Mayor of Lithgow City Council, Councillor Neville Castle said “at Dr Dearin’s request Council’s General Manager and myself met with the doctor on Saturday morning to discuss a range of issues surrounding the Lithgow water supply.”

Clr Castle explained “whilst I would have preferred that this discussion took place prior to concerns being made public I am very pleased that Dr Dearin made the approach Council to confirm the facts surrounding the Lithgow water supply.”

“During the meeting Dr Dearin was provided with the test results from this week that show that the Lithgow water supply met the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in every parameter tested.”

“Samples were taken at various locations and the water was tested across over 30 different parameters and on every single parameter and at every location the water met the Guidelines.”

“In addition to providing Dr Dearin with the latest test results Council also produced the results for the past four years which showed that the Lithgow water supply consistently met the Guidelines.”

“I found the meeting to be very productive and welcomed the approach from Dr Dearin and thank him for taking time out of his very busy schedule to meet with us.”

“It was explained to Dr Dearin that the water samples are provided to an independent and accredited laboratory the results have been provided to the NSW Health Department and also to the NSW Department of Water and Energy.”

“Clearly Dr Dearin is concerned about public health in Lithgow as am I and Council.”

“The Lithgow water supply consistently meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, which are some of the strictest guidelines in the world.” concluded Clr Castle.



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