Media Release

27 August 2009

The region needs your stories to get better telecommunications services.

Central NSW Councils has put out a survey through Survey Monkey seeking advice from communities across its 16 Local Government areas including Lithgow regarding concerns with telecommunications.

“In discussion with my fellow Mayors on the Centroc Board we are hearing growing concerns around the region particularly regarding digital television and broadband. Mobile phone coverage is also worrying people in our communities as is the provision of pay phones,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

“Centroc has a growing reputation with the State and Federal Government for its work on understanding our telecommunications needs. Senator Stephen Conroy’s Department has told us that the auditing work undertaken on broadband needs is of national significance,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

“In order to lobby on behalf of the region, we need to hear more of the real stories from real people in our region. Real stories about their concerns and needs for telecommunications services. Please tell us about your issues with Broadband, Digital Television and Telecommunications in general,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor


“The 16 Local Government areas of Centroc cover an area the same size as Tasmania with about half the population. By working together, we speak with a louder voice,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor


“We are using Survey Monkey, a web based tool people can use from home or can log into at our libraries. We also have hard copies of surveys on our Council counters.” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor


“The survey will be collated at the end of September. If you want to log in directly to Survey Monkey the URL is
or contact Sarah Conolan on 63319246.



Jennifer Bennett,