Media Release
Lithgow City Council

9 September 2009

Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor delighted with the Federal funding for the Cancer Care West Lodge

“I was very pleased to hear the announcements of the $1.3m funding from the Federal Government under the Jobs Fund for the Cancer Care West Lodge,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

“The Cancer Care West Lodge is to be built in Orange and provide accommodation for people needing cancer treatments like radiotherapy. Their families will be able to stay with them and it means that those horrendous trips to Sydney will not have to happen,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

“Our community, along with others across Central NSW have been engaged in a huge fund raising campaign. At the recent Centroc meeting in Millthorpe ongoing encouragement and support for this project was resolved. The Mayors of the region have been working together both raising money in the community and supporting the project by lobbying on  its behalf.  With the Federal funding we can now get on with the job,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

“The application through Cancer Care West was co-ordinated by Orange City Council with support from Centroc Councils and those further west. This is a really regional project and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orange Council and the Cancer Care West team for making the region with every cancer patient and their families a priority,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor

 “I look forward to getting feedback at the next Centroc Board meeting on how the initiative is progressing,” said Councillor Neville Castle, Mayor



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