Media Release
Lithgow City Council

20 November 2009

Slow Down In My Street

Lithgow City Council has launched a new road safety initiative which is aimed at alerting motorists to be more aware of their speed and to wear their seatbelts when driving.

“The Slow Your Speed-Wear Your Seatbelt Road Safety Project is a joint initiative between Council, the RTA and Lithgow Highway Patrol. The project will target the top three local streets for speeding drivers in the Lithgow local government area (LGA)” said Mayor Neville Castle.

“Residents in the targeted streets will be issued with a special slow down in my street sticker to put on their wheelie bin. A courtesy speed watch trailer will be placed in the targeted streets as well. The stickers and courtesy speed watch trailer are a visual reminder for motorists to slow down on our local streets” the Mayor said.

Speeding statistics for the Lithgow LGA show that from 2003-2007, speed was a contributing factor in over 45 per cent of crashes. Over 70 per cent of speed related crashes occurred on dry roads in daylight hours. Over 20 per cent of the crashes occurred in the 50 km/h speed zone and involved a single vehicle. Thirty two (32) of the people involved in speed related crashes were unrestrained.

The slow your speed-wear your seatbelt road safety awareness campaign is fully supported by local Police enforcement. “Vehicles not driving to the appropriate speed on Methven Street, Chifley Road, Main Street and the Great Western Highway in the Lithgow area have resulted in motor vehicle collisions in the past. As we come into the warmer month’s Police will be targeting these roads with speed enforcement. If you are on one of these roads now, what speed are you doing?” said Sergeant Mark Brown

Locals may travel on these roads on a daily basis but with every increase in speed the chance of injury or death increases as well. Speeding- no-one thinks big of you.

For more information on speeding or seatbelts please visit the RTA website at



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