NBN Construction – Main Street, Lithgow

While minor aspects of the NBN construction has already commenced in isolated areas of the Main Street of Lithgow, construction activities in this area are scheduled to increase in the coming weeks. As such, Council engineers have met with representatives of Visionstream, the lead contractor for the NBN construction in Main Street, Lithgow, for the purposes of discussing the proposed program and ensuring clarity with regard to the required short-term and long-term remediation in the central business district of Lithgow.

Visonstream have identified that NBN construction works will occur after hours in order to minimise impact to and ensure the safety of pedestrians and business community. While major works have not yet commenced in this area, Council staff have direct lines of communication with the lead contractor and will be monitoring the construction and remediation closely to ensure a positive result for the community. While short-term remediation may look unsightly, this will simply serve to ensure pedestrian safety. Upon final completion of the NBN installation, long-term, permanent restoration will be completed to the satisfaction of Council.

Preliminary site meetings have indicated Visionstream are approachable, professional and amenable to Council’s requirements which will be strictly adhered to. Visionstream’s representative also noted that upon completion of construction stages through the residential areas of Lithgow, permanent restoration will occur. Again, the performance of such restoration will be monitored closely by Council.


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