New waste charges for tyres and mattresses at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility

Lithgow Council wishes to advise users of the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility that new waste charges are being introduced for tyres and mattresses from 1st July 2018.

The new charges will apply to all customers including domestic (household) and commercial customers. The charges (including GST) for 2018-19 are:

Tyres (car)   $5.00 each

Tyres (truck or tractor) $25.00 each

Mattresses (and/or mattress base) $10.00 each

It should be noted that in accordance with the sites Environment Protection Licence a maximum of five (5) tyres is permitted with each load. Tyres and mattresses are not permitted to be disposed at any rural landfill or transfer station and fines apply for anyone disposing of these materials at these sites.

Tyres and mattresses are difficult to compact, cause problems for landfill operations and use valuable landfill space. Landfilling these items also represents a loss of potentially valuable resources.

End-of-life tyres can be put to environmentally sound use in many ways including the manufacture of new rubber products, as a constituent in asphalt roads and in surfaces such as sporting fields and playgrounds.

Materials from a recycled mattress can be used for things such as roof sheeting, carpet underlay, weed matting and mulch.

The new charges are being introduced to better manage these wastes by helping to fund processing and recycling.

At Lithgow Solid Waste Facility tyres will be kept separate and taken off-site to a licensed recycling facility. Any tyres not suitable for recycling can be shredded on site to reduce volume prior to landfilling. Mattresses will either be shredded on site for metal removal and volume reduction prior to burial; or removed off-site whole for recycling.

The processing and/or removal of tyres and mattresses from landfill represents a significant improvement to landfill operations that will benefit the environment and community through conservation of landfill space.

Further details are available from the Lithgow Council website at

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