No Secret Women’s Business

Lithgow City Council has endorsed a women’s group dedicated to progressing equal opportunities for local females.   

Councillor Cass Coleman raised the motion at the monthly meeting, crediting its success to the passionate volunteers who seek to empower other females, young and old.

“The committee would be made up of a diverse range of local women who share one common goal to improve the economic, social and physical wellbeing of women and girls across the Lithgow region,” said Councillor Coleman.

The committee will consult the community on local issues and present the feedback directly to council.

Councillor Coleman said, “All topics will be discussed from education and health to law enforcement and domestic violence, along with job security. Council will hear directly from the committee on what issues are relevant to our local women and focus on solutions.” 

The committee will also promote and celebrate the successes, milestones and participation of our local women. 

Councillor Coleman said, “This initiative aligns with good governance and Council’s corporate social responsibility goals, and our primary goal is to improve female participation and leadership opportunities within local government.”

Deputy Mayor Wayne Andrew said “Lithgow City Council will call for expression of interest from the public early next year and I encourage all women who are passionate about advancing Women’s issues across the LGA to apply.

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