In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, transport of students to and from school has become a difficult matter for schools to manage.

Public transport continues to be one of the most economical and safe ways for children to travel to and from school. However, with the restrictions of current Public Health Orders still in place, parents are making the responsible decision to temporarily assume responsibility for the transport of their children to and from school. This is resulting in some increased pressure on the local road network.

Council is working with each school individually to assess the adequacy of their immediate parking arrangements with the view to safely maximize their efficiency in an uncertain environment. However, until any formal changes are made, residents are advised that compliance with existing parking zones will be strictly enforced for the safety of parents and students during congested peak periods.

When parking around schools, Council advises the following:

  • During posted hours of operation, please refrain from stopping or parking in any designated bus zone. These are in place to ensure the efficiency of the public transport network.
  • ‘No Parking’ zones permit motorists to stop for up to 2 minutes, provided the driver remains within 3 metres of their vehicle.
  • No motorist is permitted to stop in a ‘No Stopping’ or ‘No Standing’ zone, with the exception of a medical or other emergency. These are in place to ensure adequate sight distance is available in congested, high-traffic areas.

To protect the safety of parents and their children, fines apply for non-compliance. Please respect all sign-posted restrictions around all schools in the Lithgow LGA. For specific advice regarding parking arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact your local school.