Pigeon Control in the Lithgow CBD

Lithgow Council is encouraging property owners in the Lithgow CBD area to be aware of their responsibilities for the control of feral pigeons and has provided a Fact Sheet to assist them in understanding pigeon control methods

In recent years it has become evident, particularly in the warmer months, that the pigeon population in the Lithgow CBD has increased and the growing number of birds can be a nuisance to pedestrians and visitors to the area.

The control of pest birds is the responsibility of individual property owners, similar to controlling vermin such as rats and mice. A control program seeking financial contributions from business owners has been used in other areas, however in the current economic climate Council thought it difficult to ask property owners to participate in a potentially expensive program at this stage.  Council has chosen to provide information to property owners and encourage them to put in place reasonable measures as relevant to their property.

Council has written to property owners within the CBD and has also prepared a Pigeon Control Fact Sheet advising of some of the possible control techniques which can be implemented. The Pigeon Control Fact Sheet can be found on Council’s Pest Management webpage at council.lithgow.com/pest-management/

Depending on the extent of a pigeon problem at an individual property, some of the techniques outlined in the Fact Sheet can be employed by a trip to the local hardware store and some work by a competent tradesperson.  However, owners of properties impacted by nesting or roosting pigeons are encouraged to seek the services of a commercial pest controller for specific advice on control and eradication measures.

One important method that all property owners and business proprietors can employ is eliminating the food source for feral pigeons.  This can be achieved by securing garbage bins and never feeding pigeons.


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