Plaques and Signage – Marjorie Jackson Statue

“Council has heard the observations by the community regarding the reinstallation of the plaques and signage on to the Marjorie Jackson statue in Cook Street Plaza”, Councillor Ray Thompson, Mayor of Lithgow said. “Council understands the importance of this icon to the local community and how important it is for Lithgow’s pride and heritage to be clearly illustrated through such signage.”

“For this reason, Council has arranged for the previous signage to be installed to the base of Marjorie in combination with a new, custom-made sign and pedestal. This installation has occurred in order to ensure that the significance of the statue remains forefront both in terms of the statue’s prominence as well as the availability of relevant, accompanying information.”

“Once the designs have been completed, in the coming weeks 11 removable planters and 2 custom bin surrounds will be ordered for installation within Cook Street Plaza. This process has been expedited to ensure delivery, installation and planting during the spring growing season.”

“Both Lithgow City Council and myself appreciate the patience of the community during the completion of this project. We hope that through ongoing activation of this space, Cook Street Plaza can continue to facilitate trade and community growth, pride and spirit into the future,” stated Mayor Thompson.

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