Proposed Special Rate Variation – Telephone Survey Results

Council would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond to the telephone survey and to contact Council with either a submission for/against the SRV or questions.

Council has received the results of the telephone survey undertaken by Micromex Consulting from 10 -12 December.  401 respondents were selected by means of a computer based random selection process using the electronic White Pages and SamplePages.  86% of respondents were ratepayers with 14% being non ratepayers.  The survey sampling was representative of the entire local government area across all planning precincts with 56% from Lithgow, 13% from Portland, 13% from Wallerawang, 9% from Rural North and 9% from Rural South.

Key findings from the telephone survey showed:

  • Prior to contact 62% of residents were already aware of the proposed SRV – 57% become aware via the Council mailout
  • 58% of residents were at least somewhat supportive of Option 2 (Maintain the Current SRV + Rate Peg + One-off (permanent) 4.23% SRV) compared to 52% who were at least somewhat supportive of Option 1 (Current SRV Expires + Rate Peg)
  • Residents were split with regards to their preferred option, with 50% selecting Option 1 (Current SRV Expires + Rate Peg) and 50% selecting Option 2 (Maintain the Current SRV + Rate Peg + One-off (permanent) 4.23% SRV) as their first preference
  • Primary reasons residents selected Option 1 included: ‘Council are ineffective/I do not trust they will spend any extra money effectively’ (19%), ‘I cannot afford a rate increase/I am a pensioner’ (12%) and Option 1 ‘is the most affordable option’ (8%)
  • Primary reasons for selecting Option 2 included: ‘I am supportive of services/facilities/infrastructure being kept up to standard/improved’ (29%), ‘we cannot afford to have services/facilities/ infrastructure further deteriorate’ (7%) and ‘it is evident the City needs additional funding’ (5%)

As we go through this process we are endeavouring to ensure that we respond to your concerns.  A number of matters have been continually arising and a fact sheet has been developed in response along with a copy of the Telephone Survey Report by Micromex consulting is now available on .  

Submissions on the Special Rate Variation close on 11 January 2018.  You can have your say on this important matter by:

  1. Completing the online version of the survey on  OR
  2. In writing to Lithgow City Council, PO Box 19, Lithgow 2790 or email quoting reference SRV19-20

All submissions and survey results will be included in the report to Council at the Extra Ordinary Meeting to be held on Tuesday 29 January to consider the application for the Proposed Special Rate Variation.

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